Buy a brain for your Shipping Container

Loginno’s no obligation, no minimum-order plan allows you to experience the power of the AGAM smart container brain, either for small-scale usage or a pilot for a larger rollout.

What you get

  • Patented AGAM Smart Container Brain, with a lifetime of 10 years
  • Service guarantee for 1 year, with a term extension option
  • Unrestricted use of OnSchedule Monitoring software, limit 1 user per brain

What you pay

  • An upfront payment to cover the brains and service for 1 year. Price varies based on ordered quantity.
  • Service guarantee for 1 year, with a term extension option at a fixed price of $99 per year
  • Fair Shipping Policy: we quote exact postal prices, or use FOB terms with your provider

Additional terms

  • A Brain For Every Shipping Container plan is applicable for dry containers only
  • The plan does not include system integration or non-standard SLA or modification
  • All prices include FOB shipping. Shipping may be added per customer's request based on Fair Shipping Policy above

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Order Summary

Price per brain: $ 499.00

Number of brains: 6

Total: $ 499.00

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